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TP-2 Photographic Modes

Equipped with 3 different automatic star tracking modes - STAR, SUN, MOON

TP-2 automatically tracks not only stars but also the changing speed of the moon and sun in the celestial sphere, giving it a total of 3 different automatic tracking photographic modes.
Take full advantage of its ability when photographing constellations, the Milky Way, meteors, nebulae, clusters, and lunar or solar eclipses that require long exposure.

Northern/Southern Hemisphere Changeover Mode

Just one flick of this switch can let you change the drive mode between the northern or southern hemisphere.
Dock TP-2 with the dark field illuminator equipped polar finder unit, and fully enjoy automatic star tracking under the stars - anywhere in the world.

Speed Selectable Star-Landscape Mode

Set TP-2 to the STAR-LANDSCAPE mode and you can capture still images of the landscape and star scape at the same time. We were first in the industry to invent the Star-Landscape Toast Technology mobile equatorial telescope in two selectable speeds - the Star-Landscape mode (7.5゚/hr) and motion time-lapse mode (10゚/hr mode)

Motion Time-lapse Mode

Automatic star-tracking isn’t the end of TP-2’s great features. The MOTION TIME-LAPSE function will smoothly pan and tilt your camera to shoot motion time-lapse images during day and night. In addition to the six degrees(10°/h, 30°/h, 45°/h, 90°/h, 180°/h, 360°/h) of motion time-lapse, Use these rich speed variations to express the image of your choice.