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About TP-2

Introducing TP-2 :
Auto Star Tracking & Motion Time-lapse Mount - TOAST series Ver. 3

Advanced auto star tracking photography and various modes of motion time-lapse photography made possible on one mount.

Exceptional New Functions

The rotary switch lets you choose from 10 different modes of automatic star tracking photography, such as the STAR, SUN, or MOON mode. Select the STAR-LANDSCAPE mode and you can simultaneously photograph still images of the landscape and the stars.
The MOTION TIMELAPSE mode enables smooth camerawork during time-lapse shoots.
TP-2 comes with the new worm wheel and a boost circuit that helps make high-level torque drive possible.
We also designed it to be compatible to various rechargeable batteries like the popular eneloop* (Ni-MH battery) and low-cost yet high performance USB lithium ion batteries.
Furthermore, the battery warning feature will tell you the perfect time to change the your AA size or eneloop battery.

Automatic Star Tracking Mount

TP-2 matches its own rotational shaft to the earth’s rotational axis to automatically track the stars in sync with the earth’s diurnal motion.
With this function, you can project stars in a point image during long exposure shooting.
TP-2 can also mount digital cameras with a wide array of lenses from fish-eye lenses to super telephoto lenses.
Shoot your original, beautiful celestial images of the Milky Way, constellations, nebulae, clusters, comets, meteors, lunar and solar eclipses by long exposure.
With its excellent durability and portability, you can use TP-2 anywhere in the world to make high precision, automatic star tracking photography a reality.

Star-Landscape Mode

TP-2’s STAR-LANDSCAPE MODE will give you still images of the landscape and sky respectively.
Many photographers have presented beautiful pieces of their work by using this mode, which was first equipped on TOAST TECHNOLOGY’s mobile equatorial mount.
Other than the STAR LANDSCAPE MODE that can track stars at 0.5 x speed of fixed stars, there is the 10゚/h(0.67x speed)mode for motion time-lapse. These two choices of speed will let you make your photography work even more creative.

TP-2 Motion Time-Lapse Function

TP-2 is also compatible for motion time-lapse during daytime and nighttime. By simply changing the set up, you can freely pan and tilt your camera during time-lapse photography.
In addition to the six degrees (10゚/h, 30゚/h, 45゚/h, 90゚/h, 180゚/h, 360゚/h) of motion time-lapse, when you are shooting stars in the background you can use the auto star tracking mode (Star/Sun/Moon 15゚/h) or Star-Landscape mode (7.5゚/h).
With this rich variation of speed you can select the most suitable mode for your image, depending where you are.